Web 2.0 Sniper OTO Upgrade Upsell by Jane Williams

Web 2.0 Sniper OTO Upgrade Upsell by Jane Williams
Web 2.0 Sniper OTO Upgrade Upsell by Jane Williams
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Web 2.0 Sniper Review and Bonus by Jane Williams – Best New web 2.0 SEO Method How to Build Authority Backlinks Using Abandoned Web 2.0’s

Web 2.0 Sniper is a clever new PC App that finds abandoned / Expired Web 2.0 “properties” that have relevant link-juice pointing at them. You can register these properties and use them to point links at your sites, blogs & Ecom stores (in-fact any site). Because these links come from trusted & established authority sites such as: Tumblr & WordPress, they massively help boost your ranking as they are previously used properties that already have their own authority. Expired Web 2.0 properties are abandoned accounts on high traffic / high authority sites that have expired and are either available for re-registration (or will become available for registration once their grace period is up). These properties have ranked for something in Google and can carry useful link juice that you can use to help rank your sites. Essentially Web 2.0 properties are a bit like expired domains. These properties can have a powerful effect on site ranking. Web 2.0 Sniper is The Easiest & Fastest Way to Build Super Powerful Backlinks. Boost Your Site Rankings, Get More Traffic & Make More Profit.

Web 2.0 Sniper searches the web for web 2.0s relevant to keywords of your choice. It then searches the Authority website for the expired properties which you can check for registration. Once you have taken over the account & registered it, simply point your links at your website – rinse & repeat for a wide variety of related keywords and watch your site rankings rise (obviously subject to your site being well structured & keyword relevant, standard SEO practices apply). The app hunts down abandoned Web 2.0 accounts that have previously ranked for specific keywords. You simply register these accounts and point links at your sites…But what the hec is a Web 2.0? In a nutshell it’s a high authority site that allows you to publish your own content like Tumblr & Weebly . Obviously these platforms have users that come & go so accounts get orphaned…Thats EXACTLY what Web 2.0 Sniper helps you find. Is it push button? it’s just 3 buttons so kind of…

Presto! – Thats it…The whole process can be done in minutes. Of course you’ll need to repeat this approximately a dozen times for low to mid contended niches and more often if the competition is higher. This essentially is an SEO fishing application…so the wide the range of keywords you use the higher your success rate and your result will. It works a bit like expired domains but without you paying a cent for the property. A must have app for any serious web entrepreneur. Please note only 10,000 licenses will be sold this year – so if you need this grab it sooner than later. This new SEO app simply digs up expired Web 2.0 properties which in a nutshell are expired user accounts on high Authority Sites…

Better still the app checks to make sure that these accounts have relevant backlinks pointing at them – so all you need to do is take over the account & point a link at the site you wish to rank. Then simply rinse & repeat to improve your ranking – how often of course depends on the keyword & the competition. The beauty of this method is that it’s time proven, protects you from link spam, it’s super powerful & it’s entirely white hat. So you don’t have to throw piles of money at SEO experts, you don’t have to comment spam other people’s sites & you can start ranking your sites in minutes. Some of the current users of this product are charging clients thousands of dollars per keyword for what essentially amounts to a few days work. The product comes with a full case study that shows a site being ranked for a popular keyword in just 15 days. A must have tool for any webmaster. Please note only 10,000 licenses will be sold this year – so if you need this grab it sooner than later.

Web 2.0 Sniper Review and Bonus

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Web 2.0 Sniper OTO Upgrade Upsell by Jane Williams

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