Roberto Blake EXPOSED @robertoblake twitter messages & Blackscreen TV SUB GLITCH IS FAKE

Roberto Blake EXPOSED @robertoblake twitter messages & Blackscreen TV SUB GLITCH IS FAKE
Roberto Blake and I had a looooong talk on twitter about YouTube and buying views/subs etc. This was a private twitter conversation where I talked about making “blackscreen videos” so what happened on Feburary 9 2017?

1. Vagex stopped allowing monetization to be turned on.
2. TubeAssist got shut down entirely.
3. Subscribertrain announced why the subs don’t stick (even though when I asked them over a year ago why they lied to me)
4. Blackscreen TV (some random) “discovers the biggest glitch in YouTube history” which is nothing more than FAKE NEWS being spread by YouTube AND ALL OF THE MOST FAMOUS YOUTUBERS to cover up MY REAL NEWS that I released on Jan 29 2017 about negative sub counts and the YouTube algorithm.
5. PewDiePie, H3H3H3, Tana, Keemstar, and several others were PAID BY YOUTUBE to allow there botted subs to be removed so they could call it a glitch and promote the blackcreen kid worldwide.
6. I WAS THE ORIGINAL blackcreen tv because they got the name from my personal conversation I had with Roberto Blake. I told him I was going to prove some stuff by uploading just a blackscreen then rank it by purchasing high retention views and we talked about these “blackcreen videos” for 2 hours… then, when the YouTubers all made the blackcreen TV kid go viral they sold it with a story as well… that is… that since all he does is record sound over a blackcreen that there is no need for him to do any SEO which is a bizzarro version of my conversation with Roberto I was saying how all I need to do is use blackhat SEO and even 60 minutes of muted black screen will rank higher than his videos.
7. Roberto Blake obviously works for YouTube
8. YouTube tells there dev team to start making immediate changes to the subscriber analytics because of what I demonstrated using them. I recorded where all my subs were located while on the geography tab then, by sheer luck (or because I had just uploaded a video) YouTube happened to trigger it’s removal of subs aka the “unsub bug” and my count dropped by 16. I then went back into the analytics and back then it would update in real time so I could figured out the locations of who I lost (or gained for that matter) by seeing what counts were diffent in the geo tab and I could see that even though I had lost 16 subs, YouTube had given me several from the USA during the transaction but then I also lost more than the amount gained driving my already negative USA sub count even deeper. So it proved many many things. Whats happening in real life is not reflected in what the analytics say once “fully” updated. YT subs its own fakes to your channel when the unsub bug does it’s thing and they are secretly removing Your USA subs *THE REAL ONES* and thats why people have been saying they get unsubbed from channels they actually like. NOTE THAT THE BLAcKScREEN TV SAYS THAT EVERYTIME YOU UNSUB FROM A cHANNEL IT cOUNTS AS 2 INSTEAD OF JUST 1 AND THAT NEGATIVE SUB cOUNTS ARE AcTUALLY POSSIBLE DUE TO THIS BUT THEY FIXED IT IN A DAY AND REPLAcED ALL THE SUBS THEY TOOK FROM THE BIG yOUtUBERS AND EVEN GAV THEM EXTRA!?! Nobody besides those Big YouTubers were affected in any way by all of this although we are supposed to believe it was affecting everyone. In my video I WAS EXPLAINING THAT IF YOUr count seems to go up and down but never increases its not that your gaining 1 and loosing 1 whats happening is your gaining 1, loosing 2, and gaining 1 fake that YT provides or that has been made invisible because YT only unsubs users from the numbers meaning they count the as an unsub but then they resubscribe them and keep them off the numbers and set to private so you sill have the sub… the FAKE sub… and its in a big pile of fake ones still attacthed to your channel.


theres more but thats enough for now.

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