How to Do SEO for Small Businesses with Less than $1000 a Month | Ep. #313

How to Do SEO for Small Businesses with Less than 00 a Month | Ep. #313
In Episode #313, Eric and Neil discuss how to do SEO for small businesses with less than 00 a month. Tune in to learn how you can still do SEO effectively—even with a small budget—and why you shouldn’t believe everything that Google tells you.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Do SEO for Small Businesses With Less Than 00 a Month 00:35 – You can’t focus on everything 00:40 – Try to have your site on WordPress so you can have Yoast and not worry too much about on-page SEO 00:48 – Neil sticks to content creation and building links around the content 00:55 – Neil uses Ahrefs 01:01 – Put in your competitor’s URL and click on the top pages that will show you the pages your competitor gets the most traffic 01:29 – Look at that page and try to create a better version on your website 01:38 – Find the people that are linked out to the page and reach out to them 02:00 – Reaching out works, but it’s a long-term play 02:08 – Keep it simple 02:34 – “Don’t believe everything that Google says” 02:58 – When you only have 00 a month, you can’t go really fast 03:10 – You can also use BuzzSumo which is similar to Ahrefs 03:26 – You can find a journalist who can write content at JustReachOut which is a PR tool 03:48 – For link outreach, you can use Pitchbox and MixMax 04:03 – You have to make sure that you stay consistent with your SEO 04:22 – Consistency will give people the impression that you’re starting to build your flywheel 04:33 – Scripted allows you to buy content at scale 04:53 – Upwork and ProBlogger also have people you can hire to make content for you 05:16 – Scripted is like a marketplace 05:37 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: There are ways to work on your SEO while on a conservative budget. SEO results takes time so you have to be patient. Leverage free and affordable tools that you can use to make your SEO work successfully. Leave some feedback:

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